About Australian Cobberdogs

The Australian Cobberdog is a truly remarkable breed. They have been carefully bred for many decades to create a reliable breed generation after generation that is inherently sensitive, gentle, playful and loving. They are easily trained and eager to please, making them both perfectly suited for their purpose of service and therapy dogs as well as wonderful family pets.

They have nearly no odor and an allergy friendly, non-shedding coat. Since they do not shed and have a soft silky coat, they will get matted if not thoroughly brushed regularly. Regular coat care is necessary to keep their skin healthy and them mat free. A commitment to have them groomed or groom them yourself every 4-6 weeks is important with frequent brushing in between grooming visits.

They have a mild, even temperament and great need for comfort and human connection. They are not well suited for busy families that will not be able to give them a great deal of time. As they were bred to have a strong desire to please and be with their people. They do not handle being alone for extended periods of time. They want nothing more than to be in your home and part of your family. If you can provide them a loving home, they will give you a lifetime of love and devotion.

Closeup photo of Australian Cobberdog Kelby May