About MountainAyres

Welcome to MountainAyres Cobberdogs. We are a small breeder located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana. We are the first and only Cobberdog breeder in the region. Our passion and love for pure breed dogs started over 40 years ago. We have bred, shown, and competed in nearly all events through the American Kennel Club (AKC) from confirmation, obedience, rally, agility and therapy work. We’ve shown throughout the western part of the US and competed in the Eukanuba Classic, and Westminster Kennel Club dog shows. Having a select few breeds, we learned the importance of doing everything possible to preserve and protect the integrity of a pure breed.

Nine years ago, we found the Australian Cobberdog while researching breeds that embodied the most desirable attributes of the wonderful breeds, we’d been fortunate to have as members of our families. We wanted a dog that was non shedding, allergy friendly, affectionate, intelligent and soulful. The Australian Cobberdog met all our criteria and more. The Australian Cobberdog is the first breed in the world to be developed specifically to serve as a therapy dog or service dog. They have a goofy, mild temperament with a strong need for human comfort and connection making them an ideal choice for service and for families looking for a furry companion.

After we purchased our first cobberdog we soon realized that we wanted to be part of developing this breed with a purpose that truly fits our times. Today, we are proud members of the Master Dog Breeders Associates. The MDBA is a global registry for all pure breed dogs and recognizes the Australian Cobberdog as a pure breed in development. We are committed to the integrity of the breed and only breed Australian Cobberdogs whose lines can be traced back to the breed founders Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia.

We are a very small program by choice. It’s a passion of ours to give our puppies the best start to a happy life before they leave us for their forever homes, by giving all our puppies the best care, stimulation, love and attention they deserve.

People considering adopting one of our puppies must complete a puppy adoption application.

Photo of MountainAyres Australian Cobberdog Kelby May and Maddox